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It was such a success that we are going to do it again! We are pleased to announce Weez-a-Palooza 2 on Sunday, March 6, 2016, at Yankee Lake Ballroom. Doors open at 11 am and music starts at 12 noon till 10 pm. This year’s honoree is Steve “Professor” Putt. He has influenced the Mahoning Valley Music circuit thru his love of music. He plays, sings, runs open mic nights and supports local musicians in any way he can. But his greatest contribution to the valley is his website “ The proceeds from this year’s benefit will be split between two charities. Hospice of the Valley and the PKD Foundation (Polycystic Kidney Disease Foundation).
Sponsorship Levels:
Tier 1: $150-Table to set up at the event for your business, large business logo on all advertising and tee shirts, 2 free event tee shirts, 4 entries to event
Tier 2: $100-Large business logo on all advertising and tee shirts, 2 free event tee shirts, 4 entries to event.
Tier 3: $50.00-Small business logo on all advertising and tee shirts, 1 free event tee shirts, 2 entries to event.
Tier 4: $25.00-Business name on all advertising and tee shirt.
Table for event $50.00
Or you can donate something for the basket raffle.
For any sponsorship or donations please call Jackie Thomas at 330-393-0159

Time Capsule

Freeman Sound, Freeman Sound Freeman Sound
LJ Fortier - drums
Kurt Sunderman - rhythm guitar, vocals
Ray Escott - lead vocals, percussion
John Harrow - lead guitar, vocals
"Buster" McCarthy - bass guitar, vocals

thanks to LJ Fortier

MFRattlesnake, MFRattlesnakeMFRattlesnake, MFRattlesnakeMFRattlesnake, MFRattlesnake

MF Rattlesnake at Coleman's, thanks to Barbara Sorocak


Keith Burke Daniel John 1982, Keith Burke Daniel John 1982 Keith Burke (r) and
Daniel John Streitferdt

thanks to Keith Burke
of G-Force

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Recent Articles...

Corinne Rebecca Gump Memorial Benefit...

"I'm sure that most of you know, but on March 30, 2015 a beautiful little 10 year old girl and her grandparents were killed in a house fire in Youngstown. The family is just distraught. This is something no parent should ever have to endure. With that being said, on Saturday May 2, 2015 at 12pm we will be having a benefit to honor beautiful Corinne Gump. I am asking that we all
Come together as a community and show our support to the family."

Crystal Broll, Bowery Tavern, Struthers

Special Sunday Live Music Concert & Craft Vendor Fair
at SUZIES DOGS & DRAFTS 5-3-15 featuring Northern Whale, Spirit of the Bear, Resinaut, The Bullet Party and Baroque Monody, Also products by Wildtree, Mix it Up Jewelry, & more. Live music starts at 6pm. 1/2 of the $6 admission fee goes to the Martin Family Adoption fund to help Jimmy Martin and his wife adopt a newborn child.

  Feb. 5, 2015... Mahoning Valley Live Music went online eight years ago this week. I had looked at the live music listing in the local newspaper and thought to myself "I know of a lot more events than this!" It occurred to me that there should be a website consolidating all of the local nightclub gigs on one page. After a comprehensive search for such a site I found only a MySpace page concentrating on downtown Youngstown. So I created Mahoning Valley Live Music and acquired the URL, the first website covering all of the musicians and their shows "from Newton Falls to New Castle". I then proceeded to visit 1-4 gigs per night, 5-7 nights per week, listening to some great music and introducing my website to the bands, fans, and venues. Mahoning Valley Live Music currently lists almost a thousand local bands and musicians (and 862 videos of their performances), 600 live music venues, and over 4,000 events per year. I've slacked off quite a bit in the last few years, but I continue to put full effort into making my "Shows" page daily schedule of live music events, the original purpose of the website, as complete and accurate as possible.

Mahoning Valley bands and musicians - if you're not yet listed on please contact me.

  New songs in the MVLiveMusic player by Mojo Mary (Few and Far Between, Little by Little, Repo Man), Midnight Rendezvous (Red Lipstick), and Neil Hogue (Home Tonight, Retro Honky Tonk Rockstar, Roadhouse). You can scroll to select these songs or wait for them in random play.

  New release by the Deadbeat Poets:

Click for larger view

  Two new songs in the site music player above... "Earthbound" and "The Pirate Jam" by Zero.Set.Memory. Wait for them in random rotation or scroll down to select, and enjoy!

  New songs in the music player... "Maple Street Blues" and "Stubborn Clouds" by Midnight Rendezvous. Wait for them in random rotation or scroll down to select and play. Joe Vitale Jr. interview ... Our Canton neighbor talks about his music, bands, and videos, and growing up around (and performing with) Walsh, Crosby, Stills, Nash, the Doobies, and many others. Watch here:

"My (music) philosophy is to give strength, to give people something they feel empowered after they listen..." Joe Vitale Jr.

Special thanks to Scott Austalosh, the brains behind the Ballyhoo Music Festival, for organizing this interview. Mark your calendar for April 21st, "Cider Night" at the Lemon Grove - Joe Vitale Jr. solo, Hoss & the Juggernauts, and book signing by Joe Vitale (Sr).

Latest band videos... From the last two weeks - Shades of Gray performing their song "Mardi Gras" at Rock for a Cure, Faces Lounge... the Bridge (two videos) at the Wagon Wheel... Shovelhead at the Highland Ave. NAUS... The Blues Devils (two videos, including their "Pretty Woman") at Little Wing Cafe... Sound Bite (two songs / one video) at Longboyz.

Previously unannounced, in case you missed them, from December - Mr. Lucky at the Holiday Bar... Jigsaw (two videos) at Milo's... LongShotz and After Midnight at the Toys for Tots benefit, American Legion 737... Madam Weez w/ Mark Briggs, Michael O'Grady, and Rick Hartley at SOI 2850... Jay Byrd (two videos) at Greene Eagle Winery.

Don't forget to "Stop" or "Pause" the music player above before watching these videos.

John McGreevey deserves a special "thank you" for his generous unsolicited donation to this website. John played in area bands in the 70's and has returned home from Toledo to take the stage at the Blues Benefit Reunion Concerts the past three years. In fact, you can listen to him play in videos from those concerts on this site. Although he no longer resides in the Valley, John appreciates this site's support of local live music and asked if he could help with a contribution, which was gratefully accepted. Thanks again, John.

It has been suggested that I put a "Donate" link button, or something similar, on this page to help with the expenses of maintaining this website and related travel costs. I don't use a tip jar when I play, and you probably won't ever see that button here, either. But, just as I don't turn down unsolicited customer tips, I won't refuse site donations. The Sponsors ads in the column to your right have always been my primary plan for offsetting expenses. Unfortunately I haven't made the effort to "pound the pavement" (the current sponsors have all approached me for ads), but I hope to change that situation soon. Meanwhile, if your business, or a friend's business, would like to be seen in 10,000+ page views/month in an ad on this site, please email so we can discuss it. It's cheaper than you can imagine. The details are at the bottom of the Sponsors page. And, dear readers, please tell my sponsors that you saw their ad here.

More original music by local musicians in the player, thanks to Modern Roots, LJ Fortier, Signature Event, and Frankie Hunkus...

Frankie sent in two songs that demonstrate his diverse talents - acoustic ballad "Shade Tree", and "The Chase", a rockin' instrumental.

Austintown's Signature Event describes their "Context" release, and tunes "6/8" and "The Question", as tracing "various genres and soundscapes; it is a multitextured collection that explores the meaning of existence, 21st century surveillance paranoia, the infinite chambers of the subconscious, and the last echoes of the death of that consciousness."

LJ Fortier submitted his CD collection of vintage recordings of his 70's band Freeman Sound, appropriately titled "LJ's Mix". I have included two tracks here - LJ's "Time Has No Sympathy", and "Wanting To Be Free", penned by bandmate John Harrow. You can also watch videos of John and LJ performing as Freeman Sound at the 2011 Breast Cancer Benefit Reunion.

Modern Roots also graciously mailed their CD "No Apologies". You can hear two cuts here, "Strike" by guitarist Ken Baker and "As If We Knew" by keyboardist Jeff Alviani. Jeff recorded five albums with "Mississippi Magic" Terry Evans, along with Ry Cooder and Jim Keltner, before returning to Ohio and joining Modern Roots. The band will be playing at Fernengels this Saturday, 1/21.

Scroll down through the music player list to hear the new additions without waiting for them in random play. Check out the artists' websites for additional music and information.

Did you notice the new "Link-back Friends" banner? This site has links to over 1,300 band/musician and venue pages. Many return the favor by linking back to The banner pays recognition to those who honor us with a link. If you install a link to this site on your web page (or you already have one that I missed), please let me know and I will add your site to the banner.

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