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In January of 2007 I searched for any websites listing shows by local bands. I was surprised to find that none were online, and that the only existing sources were the limited schedules in the local newspapers. I decided to fill the void myself, and created an internet site I named Mahoning Valley Live Music and posted the pages to my personal Road Runner internet space. Mahoning Valley Live Music was transferred to its current domain, http://mvlivemusic.com (and the web URL http://www.mvlivemusic.com) in early February 2007. My original intent was to create a site consolidating information on all musicians/bands in the Mahoning Valley, and all their scheduled performances. This primary purpose has not changed. Mahoning Valley Live Music supports local musicians performing live music. MVLiveMusic is the oldest existing site of its kind in the Valley, with the most complete and accurate listing of local nightclub musicians and their shows.

"Musicians" - The intent of this site is to support musicians who commonly perform in bars / nightclubs, though not exclusively in those venues, and I list those musicians' gigs wherever they might be - restaurants, schools, churches, parks, and so on. The styles of music supported by this site are typically rock and roll, blues, country, jazz, and derivatives. Normally I do not include musicians who exclusively perform orchestral music, gospel, marching band, or any other style that is not commonly heard in a nightclub.

"Local" - This site was created in support of musicians who live in the Warren / Youngstown, Ohio area, including all of Trumbull and Mahoning counties and extending into Salem, Ohio and Sharon / Hermitage and New Castle, Pennsylvania. I include musicians from outside of the area if I receive a specific request and they have a reasonable association with the area. Normally this site will promote distant performances by the listed local musicians, for instance, if it is within 50 miles or at a renowned location. Local performances by visiting or touring musicians are also listed.

"Live music" - This site supports musicians' live performances, including those using prerecorded background instrument or MIDI tracks as long as at least one instrument is played live.

Musicians/Bands and Venues - please read:

Mahoning Valley Live Music will never charge local musicians a fee for its support, including listing information, photos, links, etc. in the Musicians page, promotion of performances in the Shows page schedule, videos, and specific mention on the home page. Venues that hire listed musicians will also receive free promotion in the Venues page and within the Shows page schedule as the locations where the musicians are playing.

Mahoning Valley Live Music is not responsible for omissions of either local musicians or performances, or listing errors. I compile my data from many sources, primarily email and FaceBook updates from musicians and venues (see below). I am doing everything I can, within reason, to cover the local music scene in a comprehensive and fair manner. In the end it is the musicians' and venues' own responsibility, and in their own interest, to keep me informed and updated.

The MVLiveMusic.com MUSIC PLAYER features original music by local musicians. Songs are  featured in random play when a visitor opens the home page, and individual songs from the whole collection can be selected from the scroll list. MUSICIANS: Please contact Mahoning Valley Live Music to have your songs included in the player. The player is a song sampler, intended to motivate site visitors to discover more about your music. Songs can be full-length, or I will reduce the songs to approximately 1/2 playing time and add a fade-out if requested.

PHOTOS AND VIDEOS: You can download your pictures from this site and use them any way you like, and embed videos from this site in your web pages - credit to MVLiveMusic.com is appreciated.

Link-back Friends: This site has links to over 2,000 band/musician and venue pages. Many return the favor by linking back to MVLiveMusic.com. The "Link-back Friends" home page banner pays recognition to those who honor us with a link. If you install a link to this site on your web page (or you already have one that I missed), please let me know and I will add your site to the banner.

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